Start a Group

Thank you for you interest in joining a d@w-Group! We are on the brink of a larger mass movement ready to demand alternative solutions to capitalism. This movement can be successful if we are willing to work toward a solution that supports and empowers workers in their respective enterprises. We want to help support those interested in organizing and mobilizing this movement.
Why start a group?
The movement starts with you! Starting a d@w group allows you to connect with others and take action in your city or on your campus. It takes the action and advocacy of everyday community leaders to influence policy, politics and culture; as an active member of a group, you are jumping into the front lines of this movement in your community.
What do d@w-Groups do?
d@w-Groups support the mission and vision of Democracy at Work locally by 1) educating others about democratic workplaces and alternative solutions to our traditional economic system, and 2) advocating for and supporting existing and upcoming democratic workplaces designed to empower workers at every level.
Getting Started
Let us know in what city/state or campus you would like to be a contact for a group. Andrea Iannone, our Public Engagement Manager, will get in touch as soon as possible to find out more about your interests and help connect you with other d@w supporters in your area. Once you've connected with a few others and feel you are ready, you may fill out the form to get listed as an official group on this page.
I'm interested, but have no idea where to start. What are my first steps?
The first step is connecting with others near you! Once our organizer helps you reach out, respond to those who get in touch and find out more about their specific interests and vision for the group. Use everyone's input to decide on goals, possible actions, meeting spaces, and more. Check out our Materials page, specifically the d@w-Groups Guide, for more detailed suggestions on how to organize your group, facilitate meetings, and take action in your community.
Get Listed
We are happy to list d@w-groups on the Action website that: 
  • Have 3+ members; 
  • meet or are scheduled to meet at least once per month; 
  • are planning to take a suggested action; and  
  • are in contact with our Public Engagement Manager (

Questions? Email our Groups Coordinator: