About d@w Local Groups

Who we are and what we do…

Democracy at Work (d@w) is a non-profit media creator and curator most well-known for Economic Update with Richard Wolff.  We also advocate for workers self-directed enterprises (WSDEs) and other democratic workplaces as a key part of evolving from the current model of capitalism to a new and better economy. We conceive, create and distribute materials designed to inform and educate the public on why democratizing the workplace creates a strong foundation for an economy in which workers are empowered. We support an environment in which social movements advocating these ideals can thrive.

What are d@w Local Groups...

d@w began supporting Local Groups in 2016 at request of listeners of Economic Update who wanted to do more in their community. In essence, they are designed and operated to provide a space for people to come together, learn and share knowledge of worker cooperatives, engage with their community, and participate in the broader cultural shift towards a more just economic system.

What do d@w Local Groups do...

d@w Local Groups…
                  1) host public monthly meetings which in general offer education on worker cooperatives, Marxism, and more. This is in the form of presentations, discussions based on readings, guest speakers, workshops, etc. These are also a social space for people to come together and enjoy each other’s company.
                  2) connect to their local community. Co-ops have many intersectional effects and many other groups efforts are in line with the goals of co-ops. The groups find those intersections so that these efforts can support each other and build stronger community networks. They also connect with their local co-ops, amplifying their voices, services and efforts. They also connect with local incubators and developers to help potential co-ops find the development assistance they need.
                  3) engage in outreach to introduce the idea of worker cooperatives to as many people and groups as possible through presentations, tabling, and more.
                  4) create media such as podcasts, videos, graphics, blogs, presentations and more.
                  5) run themselves with cooperative principles.

Find a d@w Local Group near you...

Is there an existing or upcoming group in your area? View the map and list below:
Blue markers show current groups. Grey markers show potential groups. 

Potential d@w Local Groups...

The movement starts with you! It takes the action and advocacy of everyday citizens and community leaders to make this a reality; as an active leader of a d@w Local Group, you are jumping on the frontlines of this movement within your community.

There are people in the following cities that are interested in starting a new local group and are looking for co-leaders. If your city is listed and you're interested in connecting with them to see if you're interested in applying together to form a new group, please write to liz@democracyatwork.info. Want more info on starting a group? Click here
LA Valley
Salt Lake City
Perth, Australia
Cambridge, England
Want to start a group in your area, but don't see your city listed?  Consider applying by yourself, or write to liz@democracyatwork.info to have your city added to this list.