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Resolution H2O

Along with the domestic efforts for reform our nation both politically and economically, there is another initiative which I began back in March of 2017 after experiencing a sort of "revelation."  I had been intensely searching for a way in which we could change our economic system from one that benefits the very few to one that benefits all people.  And it came to me:  The Hydrodollar system.  The Hydrodollar is a currency that is supported by the annual water table.  Taking the total measurements of all the water levels on the planet, you convert the metrics into percentage, add it to the previous year's table reading, and plus or minus whatever the differential is, that gives us the direct change in currency value per capita for the following year.  Here is an article I've written that further explains how and why this system works:




So far, I have introduced this system in one form or another into 24 countries:  

1.  United States

2.  United Kingdom

3.  Australia

4.  Canada

5.  Mexico

6.  South Africa

7.  Russia

8.  Ukraine

9.  Poland

10.  Peru

11.  Liberia

12.  Ghana

13.  Cameroon

14.  New Zealand

15.  Philippines

16.  Denmark

17.  Norway

18.  Sweden

19.  Germany

20.  France

21.  Italy

22.  The Vatican

23.  Kenya

24.  Puerto Rico (U.S. Territory)


I have mostly done this through social media, including directly so to a few world leaders.  Ultimately, though, my goal is to reach every nation around the world with this new system because I truly believe that this is a game-changer in which we could forever reshape the economic landscape, promote peace and prosperity for all, and save the future of our planet all at the same time.  Please read this article and share it with everyone willing to open their minds to new ideas.  More are on the way.  The latest one was titled 'Resolution H2O:  Healthcare' in light of Bernie Sanders' recent Medicare For All town hall.  

Worker Co-ops & Municipal Internet Service

I'm new to this, so I don't know what to expect.  Sufficed to say that the time for action is now and in order to take action, we need a plan.  With points of access to information that is necessary to have a well-informed and properly educated society being cut off left and right by The Establishment, we must start pushing for municipal broadband in the DC metro area.  Locally run internet service through the establishment of worker co-ops and funded through local tax dollars is a great way to do this.  The thing to do now is to figure out where to cut taxes to compensate so people aren't paying more than they can afford, given the expensive nature of this area.  It's obvious, I think, how municipal internet services will function in the future.  Instead of @comcast.com or @at&t.com etc, we'll have things like @va.alx, @md.blt, @dc.cap (for capitol).  Seattle is already pushing for such changes and I believe we should suppor ttheir efforts not just morally, but in pushing for such changes ourselves to combat the monopolistic agenda of the major corporate ISPs.  




Just seeing how it looks.