Support Democracy at Work in your community.


We are on the brink of a larger mass movement ready to demand alternative solutions to capitalism. This movement can be successful if we are willing to work toward a solution that supports and empowers workers in their respective enterprises. We want to help support those interested in organizing and mobilizing this movement, and thank those who volunteer their time to help us further our goals.

Our current volunteers, whose work greatly aids our reach and effectiveness.

 Operations Team
 Jamie Katz, Global Capitalism Coordinator
 Susan Singer, YouTube Transcriber

 Graphic Design Team
 Luis de la CruzIllustrator
 Jose Ferrer, Designer

 Web Team
 Aaron LevineWeb Developer
 Shawn McDowell, Tumblr 

 Copy Editor Team
 Jake Keyel
 A special thanks to everyone serving as a d@w-Group lead for
 a current or upcoming group.
 Translation Team
 Mohammad Bijan, فارسی
 Lina Bassarsky, español
 Rosario Candelero, español
 Alfredo Gutiérrez-Amadorespañol/français
 Andrea Iannone, italiano
 Hongmo Liu, 中文
 Pietra Luccas, português
 Alix Mazuet, français
 Carlos Molina, español
 Jesus Torres Moreno, español
 Daniele Mucci, italiano
 Jorge Quezada, español
 Juan Rodriguez, español
 Heidi Schutlz, español

Are you interested in volunteering?
Visit our volunteer page to learn more about what you can do with d@w. 

It takes the action and advocacy of everyday community leaders to influence policy, politics, and culture. As an active member of a group, you are jumping into the front lines of this movement in your community. Join us as we learn how to educate and promote economic democracy in our own cities and campuses.